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Securing Rights

Securing Rights

A resurgence of interest in the indie sector was evident at Film Festival.

Wallace Gromit

Cracking Ideas!

Wallace & Gromit, a comical pair of inventors dreamed up.

Javier Bardem

Javier Bardem @

See his insight on Actors, Film and Digital Technologies.

Global Innovation Index

Global Innov. Index

Switzerland ranks first among 125 economies on innovation levels.

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IPR Meeting

7th IPR Meeting

7th Meeting of IPR Enforcement Coordination Committee.

TM Journal

TM Journal

Acceptability of Trade Mark Journal in Digital Form.

IP Application

IP Application Fee

Fee for IP Applications has been Restructured and Implemented.

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:: Intellectual Property Rights in Pakistan

Intellectual Property Rights in Pakistan

In search of information relative to your intellectual property rights in Pakistan, we provide you with complete and clear information concerning trademark, copyright, patent & design rights in Pakistan and can assist you in protecting your valuable assets.

Intellectual property issues are critical to the success of any business, regardless of its size. ZA-LLP helps clients in virtually all industries, obtain, protect and enforce patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets and other intellectual property rights. Our IP lawyers have strong technical backgrounds and extensive legal and commercial experience as in-house IP counsel, patent and trademark examiners. We routinely interact with patent and trademark examiners in the Pakistan Patent and Trademark Office, and secure and protect intellectual property rights efficiently on a very cost-effective tariff. ZA–LLP's intellectual property lawyers speak the business and technical languages of our clients. The whole focus of our IP counsel is secure the IP Rights for our clients to the maximum competitive advantage from effective exploitation and safeguarding their intellectual assets.

ZA-LLP is the gold standard for litigating complex domestic and international disputes involving patents, trademarks, copyrights, unfair competition, trade secrets and other intellectual property-related issues. We have patent and trademark litigators who have consistently been named among the best lawyers in Pakistan and leading intellectual property law experts in South-Asian Region. Our clients benefit from the fact that litigators at ZA-LLP are not just consummate IP professionals with strong technical skills, but aggressive advocates for their larger business strategies. We work to create both litigation and technical strategies that go beyond resolving a single dispute. Litigation is essentially a competitive tool, and we begin by helping clients clarify their ultimate business objectives.

Intellectual Property Experts
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Our record of courtroom success works to the advantage of our clients in negotiations - we often obtain highly favorable settlements when opposing counsel considers the strengths of our arguments. Our exemplary history of winning summary judgments and benchmark rulings illustrates how we use every tool at our disposal to help clients meet their goals.

With this novel consultancy service, at ZA-LLP we offer a number of duly documented recommendations and procedures made to suit any company and allowing any and all developments the company may have achieved in the normal course of its operations to be singled out as valuable assets, generally intangible but nevertheless worthy of protection; many clients can thank the Handbook for finding that they inadvertently possessed valuable technological, IT, procedural and commercial developments eligible for protection under one or more of the various existing Intellectual Property forms; trade secrets, know-how, software… Always a flagship of innovation, ZA-LLP is also an undisputed pioneer in this field.

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Trademark Law

Patent & Design Law

Copyright Law

Trademark Patent & Design Copyright

Registering a trade mark will give its owner the right to exclusively use, license or sell the mark within the categories for which it is registered. Click here to find more.

Increasing competition and global commerce have changed the way patents are approached and managed. Click here to find more.

Copyright protection subsists in original works of authorship fixed in any tangible medium of expression, now known or later developed. Click here to find more.

Counseling is viewed as a most important legal task by ZA-LLP lawyers. The firm has extensive experience in providing opinions relating to patentability; infringement of patents, trademarks and copyrights; and alleged acts of unfair competition. In addition the firm has helped to establish programs dealing with invention award, invention review and invention prosecution for its clients. The firm has also established national franchise programs and has had extensive experience in trademark and patent licensing. For example, a comprehensive patent license program established for one client has resulted in a multi-million dollar royalty income stream for that client. The object of all such counseling, licensing, and opinion efforts is to avoid conflicts where possible, to resolve disputes in a fair and cost effective manner, and to establish the best possible client benefit from the intellectual property of each client.

The laws which govern the Intellectual Property in Pakistan also deal with the protection / remedies provided to the proprietors or owners in case of infringement of rights relating to them.

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