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  • Adoption Assesssment
  • Adoption Placement
  • Family Assessment
  • Interaction with Foreign Associations

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:: Child Adoption in Pakistan

Child Adoption

Here you may find information about child adoption in Pakistan. Our dedicated team of professional lawyers best assists their clients as to child adoption in Pakistan.

Children of all ages need permanent, stable, loving families. The Department of Human Services at ZA-LLP ensures that children placed for adoption within Pakistan or across Pakistan or international lines benefit from all legal protections. Further assistance may be available to a child and their adoptive family. ZA-LLP offers complete, comprehensive and individual adoption services to adoptive parents and the couple intended to abandon their child in a professional, caring and supportive manner.

Adoption creates a legal parent / child relationship for:

  • Children whose birth parents make an adoptive plan;

  • Children adopted from outside Pakistan;

  • Children adopted by stepparents;

  • Children who come under guardianship of the country.

Adoption of Children Under Country Guardianship

When courts terminate parents' rights, children are placed in foster care and committed to the guardianship of the country. The department's goal is to find permanent homes, preferably through adoption, for all children under country guardianship. The country social service agency like Edhi Foundation caring for the child is responsible for identifying children's needs, finding an adoptive family and supporting the adoption placement.

The process of adopting a child under state guardianship is:

  • A court terminates parental rights and places a child under country guardianship;

  • Country agencies select a family who can best meet a child’s needs;

  • Private adoption agencies like Edhi Foundation assist and support the creation of a new family;

  • The court finalizes the adoption under Guardians & Wards Act.

:: Featured Domains Associated With Child Adoption Practice

Family Law

Divorce Law

Human Rights

Family Children Human Rights

The English common law is more influential in commercial while the Islamic law is more influential in personal, of which our Legal System based upon. Click here to find more.

Divorce or dissolution of marriage is the ending of a marriage before the death of either spouse. Click here to find more.

The Fundamental Rights, as embodied in our Constitution, are the bed-rock of Pakistan democracy. Click here to find more.

ZAFAR & ASSOCIATES - LLP provides assistance, legal advice, and representation for identified, interstate, and family adoptions. We assist adoptive parents in completion of all the legal formalities which include drafting of Adoption Deed, filing of Petition for Guardianship before the appropriate Court of law and Application for allowing the adoptive parents to take the child outside the jurisdiction of the Court.

Our Adoption Services Include:

  • Completing adoption plans for adoptive parents who have identified the family or Birth mother intended to abandon their / her child;

  • Providing adoptive parents with the birth parents' background and medical informationl;

  • Obtaining the birth mother's prenatal records and forwarding them for review by a medical professional of the adoptive parents choice;

  • Placement of the newborn child with adoptive parents upon discharge from the hospital;

  • Complying with Interstate Compact requirements (if adoptive parents reside outside Pakistan);

  • Providing all legal services necessary to terminate the parental rights of the birth parents and finalization of the adoption by a Pakistani Court (Adoptive parents living outside of Pakistan are not usually required to return to Pakistan for the adoption finalization hearing).

Our Specialized Areas of Practice Include:

Identified Adoptions

We assist in completing adoption plans for adoptive parents who have identified their own birth mothers.

Intercountry Adoptions

If either the birth mother or the adoptive parent(s) reside outside Pakistan, we comply with all requirements of the Intercountry Compact for the Placement of Children. We have successfully completed a large number of intercountry adoptions.

Family Adoptions

We also specialize in adoptions that may involve a stepchild, relative or other family member (as defined by law).

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