Dr. Riaz-ul-Hassan Gilani


Senior Partner

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

M. M. Tariq


Senior Litigator

Karachi, Pakistan

M. Nadeem Qureshi


Senior Litigator

Karachi, Pakistan

Syed Nasir Ali Gilani


Pro Investigator

Lahore, Pakistan

Shaukat Lai


Asstt. Investigator

Lahore, Pakistan

:: Core Competencies

  • Bank and Investment Accounts
  • Safe Deposit Boxes
  • Real Estate Ownership
  • Vehicles, Watercraft, Aircraft
  • Public Record Information
  • Financial Information, including Liabilities and Creditors etc.
  • Business Ownership, Affiliations and Related Entities
  • Skip Traces
  • Criminal History
  • Patents and Trademarks
  • Custom searches call to discuss your needs

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:: Asset Search & Background Invesigation in Pakistan

Asset Search & Background Investigation in Pakistan

Here you may find information on Asset Search & Background Investigation in Pakistan, Asset Search Agents in Pakistan as well as Background Investigators in Pakistan. Our team of dedicated agents assists their clients in Asset Search & Background Investigation in Pakistan.

Locate assets to satisfy a judgment, debt or other collection matter, determine the economic viability of litigation, locate assets of a decedent or incompetent person, perform a background check on a prospective employee, develop more detailed information on the financial condition of a business or individual or locate missing witnesses, debtors, heirs, etc.

Our private detectives and investigators use many means to determine the facts in a variety of matters. To carry out investigations they may use various types of surveillance or searches. To verify facts such as an individual’s place of employment or income, they may make phone calls or visit his work place. In other cases specially those involving missing persons and background check, our investigators often interview people to gather as much information as possible about any individual. In all cases our private detectives and investigators assist other attorneys, businesses and the public with a variety of legal, financial and personal problems.

:: Featured Domains Associated With Asset Search & Background Investigation

Criminal Law

White Collar Crime

Blue Collar Crime

Criminal Law White Collar Crime Blue Collar Crime

The main intention of criminal law is to maintain the sway of state in all matters involving acts or omissions. Click here to find more.

White-collar crimes have a drastic effect over the economy and financial state of a country. Click here to find more.

Blue collar crimes are also crimes which are more visible, detected sooner, and occur on a more frequent basis than crimes of a white collar nature. Click here to find more.

ZA–LLP is a full service private investigation and consulting firm. We have recruited many retired people from the intelligence agencies having the experience of handling the investigation in various areas of Pakistan. We are also specialized in litigation, investigative support, corporate verification, fraud and due diligence, employee pre-screening background investigations and material custody. Our comprehensive investigator database will match you with a qualified professional to meet your investigative needs. We are well known for our tireless work ethic and relentless effort pertaining to checking spouses, criminal, civil backgrounds, insurance and security. Some of our specialties are:

Affidavits of Due Diligence
Asset and Background Searches
Asset Investigations
Aviation Investigations
Background Check
Bill & Account Collection
Cheating Spouses
Civil Investigations
Client Meetings
Collecting Child Support
Collection Research
Computer Crimes Investigations
Construction Investigations
Corporate Investigations
Corporate Records Research
Court Research
Covert Camera Installations
Criminal Background
Criminal Investigations
Criminal Records Research
Divorce Asset Investigations
Drivers License Information
Drug Investigations
Electronic Surveillance
Fire and Explosion Investigations

Handwriting Analysis
Harassment Investigations
Homicide Investigations
Insurance & Criminal Investigations
Insurance Fraud Investigation
Judgment Collection
Missing Person Investigation
Missing Persons
Motor Vehicle Searches
Municipal Record Searches
Municipal, State & Federal Levels
Nationwide Affiliates
Nationwide Service
Notary Services
Pre-Marital Investigations
Prison Records Research
Private Investigations
Process Service
Professional License Investigations
Property Searching
Public Records Searches

Real Property Records Research
Research Routine Service
Rush Services
Service for all Legal Documents
Skip Tracing
Small Claims
Subpoena Preparation
Subpoena Service
Suicide Investigations
Summons and Complaints
Sworn Statements
Taped Surveillance
Technical Surveillance
Television & Radio Programs
Videotape Duplication
Witness Interviews
Witness / Trial Preparation

We accept assignments from the general public, from attorneys, law firms, law enforcement agencies, banks, insurance companies and licensed private investigators.

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